Posted by Sarah

Meek and lowly, little child
Stains and dirt crease and sear
Scars slash deep so daily keep
Watch over them, my dear

The little ones, the babes in tears
The gentle-wild love and fear
Fierce and hard, so nightly keep
Watch over them, my dear

You but a child and half-grown man
Guard and nourish, follow and steer
When father sleeps, you must keep
Watch over them, my dear

And when the evening seems so drear
And daybreak equally unclear
Rest in Him, who e'er will keep
Watch over you, my dear


  1. HSS

    You remind me of a man...William Blake, Songs of Innocence. It's lovely, and comforting.

  1. HSS

    "And daybreak equally unclear..."

    My favorite line. Rings true.