Posted by Sarah

hurry, scurry, fret, and worry
cannot let me
hang the jury

darting to and fro
i'm late, i'm always rushing
it's just fate

that I'll hit that next light red
and then the train
oh yes, the dread

of sitting still, of being faced
with silence and my deep-grained
fear of lifelong uselessness

and Waste


  1. HSS

    I like this. I like your line-break choices--results in some interesting complexities of association.

    Although I think it might be more effective if it ended with "waste."

    Blah. Here I go sounding instructive. Like I know what I'm talking about...or as if anything I just said even sounds like it makes sense. Anyways, I liked it. Let's leave it at that. :)

  1. Sarah

    Holly you're so right - I can't believe I didn't see that before. I was still unsatisfied with those last lines when I posted but your thought is the obvious answer now that I look again. For some reason I initially didn't like the rhyme scheme that would do but today when I look back at it, it fits. I'm going to modify it. :)